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This page is to list some of the more important guidelines for developers contributing code to osmdroid. This is not intended to strictly enforce a particular style - more to keep the code internally consistent.

General guidelines

  • Use spaces for indenting, not tabs (recent change)
  • Make variables final where possible
  • Prefix member variables with m
  • Prefix method arguments with p
  • Versions <= 4.3, Use org.slf4j.Logger. Verions > 4.3 use android.util.Log
  • Use 100 character line width
  • Use final wherever possible, especially parameters
  • Eclipse formatting and clean-up XML settings files (both of which cover most of the above) are included in the repository. Import them, and use them to make your life easier!

Guidelines for osmdroid-android project

Test your app with a device or emulate

mvn clean install - NOTE Maven has been broken for Android builds since Apr 2016

or with gradle

gradle clean install connectedCheck


Make sure you build with the follow commands before opening a pull request. There are several related wiki pages on setting up the development environment. See

gradle clean install connectedCheck