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What can you do with osmdroid:

  • osmdroid is a 2D map engine, small, lightweight, with an API similar to Google Maps V1
  • Raster tile based (no vector), with support for numerous tile providers - free or not - most of them based on OpenStreetMap.
  • Extensible architecture for map tile support with adapters for:
  • Tiles available online/offline/embedded, with pre-caching options
  • Offline support using a variety of tile archive types
  • Zooming/moving the map:
    • Supports zoom 0 (1:15Mkm) to 29 (1:0.05m) at the equator (inches of screen real estate)
    • Multi-touch support with some basic gestures (pinch zoom, fling, etc)
    • Map can be rotated and oriented in any direction
  • A rich set of Overlays - which are "things you may want to draw on the map":

And with add-ons: