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acceptAnySource() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
add(OSMTileInfo) - Method in class
available() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream


BatchExecutorGUI - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.ui
BatchExecutorGUI() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.ui.BatchExecutorGUI


close() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
close() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
closeStream(Closeable) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.tileprovider.util.StreamUtils
Closes the specified stream.
copy(InputStream, OutputStream) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.tileprovider.util.StreamUtils
Copy the content of the input stream into the output stream, using a temporary byte array buffer whose size is defined by StreamUtils.IO_BUFFER_SIZE.


DbCreator - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.util
DbCreator() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.DbCreator
deleteFolder(File) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.FolderDeleter
DownloadManager - Class in
DownloadManager(String, String, int) - Constructor for class


equals(Object) - Method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
execute(String, String, String, int, String, int, int, double, double, double, double, OSMMapTilePackager.ProgressNotification) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.OSMMapTilePackager


FolderDeleter - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.util
FolderDeleter() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.FolderDeleter
FolderFileCounter - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.util
FolderFileCounter() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.FolderFileCounter
FolderZipper - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.util
FolderZipper() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.FolderZipper


GEMFFile - Class in org.osmdroid.util
GEMF File handler class.
GEMFFile(File) - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
GEMFFile(String) - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
GEMFFile(String, List<File>) - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream - Class in org.osmdroid.util
GEMFInputStream(String, long, int) - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
getInputStream(int, int, int) - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
getMapTileFromCoordinates(double, double, int) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.Util
getName() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
getParentTile() - Method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
getPositionInParent(OSMTileInfo) - Method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
getSources() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
getTotalRecursiveFileCount(File) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.FolderFileCounter
getZoomLevels() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile


hashCode() - Method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo


IO_BUFFER_SIZE - Static variable in class org.osmdroid.tileprovider.util.StreamUtils


main(String[]) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.OSMMapTilePackager
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.ui.BatchExecutorGUI
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.ui.OSMMapTilePackagerUI
markSupported() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream


org.osmdroid.mtp - package org.osmdroid.mtp
org.osmdroid.mtp.adt - package org.osmdroid.mtp.adt - package
org.osmdroid.mtp.ui - package org.osmdroid.mtp.ui
org.osmdroid.mtp.util - package org.osmdroid.mtp.util
org.osmdroid.tileprovider.util - package org.osmdroid.tileprovider.util
org.osmdroid.util - package org.osmdroid.util
OSMMapTilePackager - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp
OSMMapTilePackager() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.OSMMapTilePackager
OSMMapTilePackager.ProgressNotification - Interface in org.osmdroid.mtp
OSMMapTilePackagerUI - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.ui
OSMMapTilePackagerUI() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.ui.OSMMapTilePackagerUI
OSMTileInfo - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.adt
OSMTileInfo(int, int, int) - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo


POSITION_IN_PARENT_BOTTOMLEFT - Static variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
POSITION_IN_PARENT_BOTTOMRIGHT - Static variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
POSITION_IN_PARENT_TOPLEFT - Static variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
POSITION_IN_PARENT_TOPRIGHT - Static variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
putFolderToDb(File, File) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.DbCreator


raf - Variable in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
read(byte[], int, int) - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
read() - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
remainingBytes - Variable in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
runCleanup(String, boolean) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.OSMMapTilePackager
runFileExpecter(int, int, double, double, double, double) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.OSMMapTilePackager


selectSource(int) - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile
skip(long) - Method in class org.osmdroid.util.GEMFFile.GEMFInputStream
StreamUtils - Class in org.osmdroid.tileprovider.util
don't use android classes here, since this class is used outside of android


toString() - Method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo


updateProgress(String) - Method in interface org.osmdroid.mtp.OSMMapTilePackager.ProgressNotification
Util - Class in org.osmdroid.mtp.util
Util() - Constructor for class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.Util


waitEmpty() - Method in class
waitFinished() - Method in class


x - Variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo


y - Variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo


zipFolderToFile(File, File) - Static method in class org.osmdroid.mtp.util.FolderZipper
zoom - Variable in class org.osmdroid.mtp.adt.OSMTileInfo
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